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50x70 cm 70x100 cm 100x140 cm 120x180 cm

edition of 10 edition of 7 edition of 5 edition of 3

750 EUR 1.500 EUR 2.500 EUR 3.900 EUR

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By 2050, the world needs to produce 70% more food, to meet the needs of the world’s expected 9-billion-strong population. This means that future food industries would need to be more productive than ever. Aquaculture is the most rapidly expanding food industry in the world. In 2014, aquaculture provided 44.1 % of the fish produced for human consumption.

Fish farms are an efficient alternative to breed large amounts of fish instead of wild fishery. On the other hand, they are often criticized for the impact they have on their near environment, such as pollution by discarded nutrients that settle on the seafloor, their impact on biodiversity, the spread of diseases and the use of antibiotics to prevent infections.

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